Elusive Dreams: Sleeping Mask with Earplugs

This has been the best sleep mask we have used in a long time. My husband works nights, so his nights are my days. I try hard to be quiet and not wake him up. Real life though is loud at the best you can do. Cooking, cleaning , kids and dogs all equal lots of noise during the day.

The sleep mask with earplugs is going to be our solution to the problem. The ear plugs keep the noise down and the mask keeps the sun from shining in the room and disturbing him.

I was very impressed with the softness of the material but is was also very sturdy to not bunch up when he was sleeping. The pocket for the earplugs is also a major plus. This way he does not have to worry about losing them.

I asked him how he liked them. He stated that before the Sleep Mask with earplugs he was having a terrible time staying asleep. After the sleep mask he stated that he was staying asleep and not waking up near as much. That was my whole goal so the mask and earplugs met all my goals and expectations.

I received this in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.sleep mask