Garden Tools Review

I am so ready for Spring.  We had a very rough and unusual winter for Tennessee.  We  had over 8 inches of snow.  We have not had that much snow is over 15 years. Spring could not come soon enough.  With spring comes planting flowers, and  I am so exctied about that .

gardenYou have to have the proper tools in order to plant flowers.  I was so happy when I was given the opportunity to test this Garden Tool Set out.  It comes with 4 pieces as shown in the picture.  It has 2 rakes, a shovel and gloves.

The rake was something I had not had in the past, so I was anxious to try it out.  I had large rakes but not the small hand held one.  It is too early to start planting flowers but it is not to early to get the beds ready.  I used the rake to get all the dead leaves and grass away from the plants that are already starting to come up.  The rake for very easy to use and worked very well.  It was small enough that it did not harm the plants like the large ones do sometimes.

The gloves were a little big for me but I could still use them.  I have small hands so a lot of gloves are big on me.  I liked that they had grip dots on them to make them non slip.  I use gloves any time I am gardening.  I do not like getting dirt under my nails.  I do like to garden but not the getting dirty part.

I would recommend this for any level of gardener.  They are well made.  I dropped the rake a few times and it did not break and the prongs of the rake did not break or bend.  The price is reasonable, which is a major plus for the set.

I am happy with the set and can not wait to use it to plant my flowers.  My favorite flowers are pansey’s .  What is your favorite flower?

One thought on “Garden Tools Review

  1. I love Hydrangeas!! I am visiting Tennessee in May for the first time and can’t wait!! You are lucky to not have tons of snow like us here in Wisconsin lol!!


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