Perfjohn Egf Stem Cell Anti Aging Cream

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I was recently given the opportunity to try Perfjohn Egf Stem Cell Anti Aging Cream


It comes in the Styrofoam container as shown in the picture.  This keeps containers safe.  It comes in a 1oz pump bottle.  You must prime the pump a few times before the cream comes out.

cream 2

Once the cream comes out it is a creamy white constancy.creamI have to say it feels very good on my skin.   It only takes one pump to cover your whole face.  It feels very cool and creamy as it goes on your face.  It does not leave your face tight or oily like some other creams have done.  I do not have a lot of wrinkles but I do have one big one right on my forehead.  I have been using this about 7 days and it has helped the wrinkle on my forehead.  It is not completely gone but I can tell that it is starting to disappear.   I do love how it makes my face feel.  I like that it has stem cells in the cream.  I have heard great things from stem cells so I am sure that this cream is on the breaking edge of face cream.

I am so glad I was given the chance to try this cream.  The cream is cutting edge since it has gold flakes and stem cells.

The company states the following about their product:

  • Turn back the clock with this revolutionary cream! All it takes is 7-10 days to see amazing results. We’ve taken the potent stem cell extract of the Swiss apple; which repairs damaged skin cells, reconstructs cell membranes, and even strengthens cell resistance in thin or sensitive skin, and combined it with EGF(epidermal growth factor); which has been shown to reduce scars, promote cell regeneration, and repair damage done to the skin, making it smoother, softer, and imparting a healthy glow. In addition to this, we’ve added Hyaluronic Acid; which helps helps the skin retain moisture and detoxify itself. We have this acid naturally in our skin but as we age, it diminishes. This cream will help replenish your lost levels and protect that which remain

Click the following link Perfjohn Egf Stem Cell Anti Aging Cream if you would like to buy this product.

I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  I am so glad I got the chance to try this.  I have been seeing a difference in my skin since using this.