Dr. Seuss Week

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    The first week of March is Dr. Seuss’s birthday.   I love using Dr. Seuss in my lessons.  The rhymes and pictures keep the kids attention and they love the books.  There are so many books to use.  I have started collecting packets on Dr. Seuss that I would like to share with you.


I hope these help you in making a great week of Dr. Seuss and his beloved characters.

Cat in the Hat

cat in hat


















Here some more of my favorite Dr. Seuss books.










Kiddle for kids

kiddleHave you ever worried about your kids doing searches and coming up with sites that you do not feel appropriate   for the age?  Well now you do not have to worry as much with Kiddle.   Goggle has just launched its new search engine geared to kids.  It has the same colors as
Google but with a kid friendly space theme with a robot as a mascot.
If your child does serch for something like “sex” they will get this pop up from an angry robot
kiddle bad word
When your child gets this he/she can do another search with appropriate words and get a search completed.
It also give tamer search results than normal engines give.  As shown above, if you type in Marvel it will give these results.  If you type in Marvel in a normal Google search you would not get the same results.
It is nice to know that Google is trying to take care of our children when we can not be around.  It is still a good idea do a history on your child’s searches just to see what they really are looking at.
According to Tech Times the first three results come from the editors.  The remaining results will have milder language than the normal search engine.
I know that kids have to use the computer more and more at younger ages but it is nice to have a search engine now that is kid friendly.  Now if you are cooking supper or doing your own searches and not right with your child you can be secure in knowing they are getting kid friendly results.

Star Wars Tent and Sleeping Bag

On Sale on Amazon for 24.99

Age range is recommened for Ages 4 and up. The dimensions of the tent is 48″ L X 36″ w X 36″ H.  The sleeping bag is 56″ L x 28″ w x 3″

Perfect for the Star War lover in the family.  The kids will have an awesome time playing in this.




Outdoor Garden Hose

I know it is winter in most parts of the country right now, but spring will be here soon.  The groundhog said it would be here in 6 weeks, so we better start getting prepared.  I have been looking for a light weight hose for a while now.  This one fits that requirement.  Some of the hoses I have had in the past are so heavy it is hard to move it around the yard while I am watering my flowers.

This hose ships at 1.8 pounds.  When you get the hose out of the box it is 17ft.  With water pressure it expands to 50ft.  Just the right length to water my flowers.  It is really fun watching it expand from the 17ft to the 50ft by just adding the water pressure to it.

It comes with a spray nozzle that has 7 different spray styles.  It was super easy to add to the hose.  What I really like about the hose is that it stores so easily.  When the water is all out it goes back to the 17 ft hose. It does not get tangled like other hoses.


I received this hose from JFSG Outdoor Premier Revised Second Edition Expandable 50ft Green Garden Water Hose by JFSG Outdoor with Brass Connections and 7 Pattern Spray Nozzle with Lifetime Warranty
free of charge in order to give my honest and unbiased opinion.


Right now they are having a sale on their site. Save 20% each on Qualifying items offered by JFSG Enterprise, LLC when you purchase 1 or more  with code 9NGOUCK7  at checkout.


This is a very well made hose that I know will be getting a lot of use this spring and summer when  I start planting and watering my out side plants.