Emoji Golfball Review/Giveaway

Emoji’s are all the rage right now.  Emoji’s are everywhere to tell someone how you feel.  If you have a teenager, as I do, you know that they use Emoji’s more than they do actual words.

I had never seen then in golf balls.  These golf balls are practice balls which means they are not as strong as golf balls the professionals use.  They are however very nice to use if you are just a weekend golfer or to use as practice balls.  They are a very bright yellow, so they would be easy to find out on the golf course while you are practicing.


My daughter played when she was younger and plans to start back once the weather warms up here in the south, which will not be that much longer.  She plans on playing some with her cousin and can not wait to show him these golf balls.  They will be playing for fun so these can be used.  These can not be used in regular play if you are playing in a tournament or High School games.


I received this set of golf balls at a discount in order to give my honest and unbiased opinion.



In the box you will receive 12 golf balls.

Two Of Each Design; 2 Tears of Joy; 2 Heart Eyes;2 Kissy Face; 2 Tongue; 2 Money Eyes; 2 Sunglasses .  They come in a very nice gift box

I think these would make a great Father’s Day gift.  If you would like to buy a set for your favorite Dad or golfer you can buy on Amazon.



Southernmom Review’s has a set of Emoji golf balls  to giveaway.

How to Enter  Can do One or all.  Do not have to do all to enter.  Each one will get one entry into the giveaway.

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The giveaway is open to US residents only 18 and up.  The giveaway will end on Saturday April 9th at Midnight.  A winner will be chosen using Random.org  The prize will be mailed out and a tracking number will be given.
Thanks so much for visiting and entering the contest.
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Easter Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Kit

Easter is such a special time in the religious  community.  I teach in a Christian school so I have to combine the fun aspect of Easter along with the religious reason behind Easter.  With this Easter Glow In the Dark Easter Egg Kit, I get to combine both in a fun way.


Egglo Glow in Dark Kit

In the kit you will receive the following:

1 x Egg-cellent Easter Adventure storybook

1 x Egg-cellent Easter Adventure narrated book on DVD (25 mins)



In the book it tells of three friends that go on an adventure to find the meaning of Easter.  They find a glowing egg in the attic which takes them on this grand adventure.  The book has a lot of reading so it for advance readers or you will need to read to your child.  I teach 3 year olds and it was a little long for them.  I ended up paraphrasing the book. The subject of the book was given to the children.  I love that it tells the story of Easter in a different way.  It takes you through different Bible stories to get to the Easter message.


The DVD is much better for smaller  children.  It tells the story from the book on the DVD.  It is narrated, cartoon.  I think if the children had talked  in the story it would have kept their attention.  My students watched it and did ask some questions  so I know they were paying attention.  One of them asked why the kids were not talking.  In the day of cartoons they are used to the characters talking.  This by no means  DVD is not good to use with the kids.  I feel like my kids did understand the lesson they were learning.
12 x Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs


The glow in the dark eggs were a big hit.  I turned the lights out in the class room to show them.  The whole premise behind the kit is to show the children that Jesus is the light of the world.  With the glow in the dark eggs this shows the meaning.  You will get 12 eggs, 6 have the cross and 6 are plain. They do open so you could place candy in the eggs if you wanted to do an Easter Egg hunt at night.

12 x Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls

12 x Bible Verse Scroll Stickers



The scrolls are like in the book and DVD that the children follow through the story.

The Bible Verse Scroll stickers are like in the story.  They are not the exact words from the bible but they do get the point across of what the Bible is saying.
12x Easter Egg Stickers
12 x Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Character Stickers


The kids liked the stickers and it helped in retelling the story we talked about.

By the end of the lesson the kids knew that Jesus was the light of the world.
BONUS: Glow in the dark event program curriculum. A step by step guide to plan an event, including printable invitations, coloring pages, cut outs and more

The bonus CD is useful if you were having a party to help you plan it.  It did have a color page I printed off for the kids to color.


My thoughts.

I was very impressed with the kit.  It was well put together and each part built on the other.  It used the fact that kids love to watch cartoons to help tell the story of Easter.  They did it in such a way as not to be scary for little children.  There are parts of the Easter story that can be very scary for young children.  This kit tells the story in a way small children will under stand.  The book is a little advanced for the small child but an older child could enjoy using it and learn from it as well.


I am very pleased with the kit and glad I received it at a discount in order to give my honest and unbiased opinion.

I hope you all have a happy Easter and enjoy time with your family as you talk about the reason for Easter.

I hope

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