50 Things to be Thankful For


It is about Spring time here in Tennessee and that gets me thinking about the year past and what has been happening in my life.  It is so easy to dwell on the negative not so good things that happened.  I however choose this year to think about the positive things.  The main thing I have to be thankful for is that girl in the picture above.  She is my greatest achievement in life and I love watching her grow up.

The list of my top 50 things to be thankful for may not be the same for you but I hope that this gets you to thinking about what you are thankful for and praise God for these things.


  1.  God-  Without him I would not be the person I  am today.
  2. My husband- I have a wonderful loving husband who loves and supports me throught the good times and the rough ones.
  3. My daughter- my heart was filled in a way I did not know possible the day I found out I was having a baby.  It gives me great pleasure to be allowed to be a part of her growing up to be a fabulous young lady.
  4. My parents- For adopting me at 6 months of age.  Without them I would have not had the love, support and opportunities they gave me.  I am thankful that they were looking for a baby when I needed a home and God made it possible that I was given to them.
  5. My friends-  they keep me grounded and are always there for me when I need them.  Sometimes even before I know I need them.
  6. My job-  I am thankful that I have a job that I love and look forward to going to.
  7. My students-  I love seeing their sweet faces and teaching them how to be a great God loving person.  Seeing their faces light up when they learn something new is
  8. Disappointments – I know that you probably think this is crazy but when you stop and think about the disappointments in your life have you not grown from them. I have grown from some of the major disappointments in my life.
  9. My house-  So many do not have one and I am thankful that I have one
  10. The sun-  It comes up everyday to show me a new day and new adventures are sure to follow.
  11. My choices- no matter if they were good or bad, I not only have the freedom to make them but also to learn from them as well.
  12. Electricity-  you may think that this is just a given and why be thankful for it but so many people in this country do not have electricity.  With electricity I do not have to worry about being able to see, and being warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  13.  Water- I grew up on Spring water and was always worried we would not have it forever.  We got hooked onto city water and have not had to worry about it being contaminated  from the crop dusting or the animals that got in the stream.
  14. My doggie Pebbles-  She is 6 years old and we have had her since she was 6 weeks old. She gives me and I love coming home to her little face and the kisses I get while petting her.
  15. Stores that I can go to and buy the things I need.  I know in some parts of the country there are not stores within a short driving distance and places in the world that do not have stores at all.
  16. Farmers that grow a lot of the food that we eat.  During the summer I spend a lot of time putting up fresh fruits and vegetables so we will have them during the winter months.  I do grow some of these myself but I also buy from the local farmers.
  17. A warm bed to sleep in
  18. Clothes that keep me warm or cold depending on the weather.
  19. Phones that allow me to keep in touch with family and friends.
  20. Paper and Pen so I can always write down ideas and to do lists.
  21. I am thankful for the technology.  I use technology daily in my life and would not really know what we would do with out them.
  22. People who have a difference of opinion than me.  It gives me a different out look on things. That does not mean that my opinion will always change but I have learned something during the conversation and I have also show respect to the person with a a different opinion.
  23. For the person that paid for my gas the other day.  I was struggling that day and God put that person in my path that day.  The person that had gotten gas at the pump where I happened to pull into that day had prepaid for the next person that came up and that happened to be me.  I was so thankful for that day.  I stood there crying a little and thanking God for the help he gave me that day.
  24. Food that I have to feed to my family and the ability to cook food for the family.
  25. For the time I left my purse in the shopping cart and when I found it nothing was missing.  Shows me there are still good people in the world.
  26. Music- it just makes me happy
  27. Books- I use for books to learn about things as well as entertainment. I love that I can read a book and be taken away to another place for a short time
  28. Medical advancements-  When my daughter was born, my heart and lungs filled with fluid and I stopped breathing.  I was told if it had happened  10 years earlier I might not have survived.  The medical advancements had come far enough that they knew how to save me.
  29. Paved roads.  I remember living in the country where there were not paved roads and it as not an enjoyable drive.
  30. The ability however big or small to help others.
  31. The time I get to spend with my Mom.  She is sick and I treasure the times I have with her.
  32. The time I got to spend with my Dad before he passed away.  He taught me so much and I will forever miss him but so glad that he was able to be my dad.
  33. Buttercups- They are the first flower of Spring.  It always shows me that Spring is coming.
  34. My indoor plants that give me pleasure during the cold winter months.
  35. Learning new things.
  36. Meeting new people
  37. Rainbows after a good rain to remind me of God’s promise.
  38. A positive attitude from my self and others.  It rubs off on others.
  39. Learning opportunities that I get everyday and the ability to be able to know that I have learned from the opportunity.
  40. The ability to share my experiences with others.
  41. I am thankful for the wildlife that I get to see everyday outside my window.  I love watching the deer eating in the field behind my house.  I have watch a set of twin baby deer’s grow up during the year.
  42. I am grateful for the unconditional love I get from friends and family.  I hope I return that love to them also.
  43. Grateful for the memories I have.   I know that I will not have some of the people around for ever but will have the memories.
  44. I am thankful for the opportunites I have been given since I began blogging and reviewing.  Since we are on a limited income, the review items I have had the opproutnity to get have helped my family and friends.
  45. Greatful for the internet.  I have learned so much.  If I want to know how to make a chocolate cake, all I have to do is search it up and find geat recipe.  We have been able to try new receipes that I never would have been able to try with out the internet.
  46. That I live in the country.  I love where I live.  The wide open spaces and the fields that I can let my daughter run in and have fun.
  47. I am thankful for the life I had growing up.  I did not have to worry about a lot of things.  I grew up in a place where everyone knew each other.
  48. The trees- they help purify the air and also show the changes of the seasons.
  49. The car I have that gets me from one place to another.
  50. I am thankful for the person that is reading this list.  I hope that you have thought about things that make you thankful.

I would like to know at least one thing you are thankful for.



4 thoughts on “50 Things to be Thankful For

  1. I’m thankful for so many of the things you’ve already listed. God. Husband. Kids. Family. and a great teacher for my special little guy! I know he’s in good hands with you!


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