Brown Bear Brown Bear Activity

brown bear

Brown Bear Brown Bear by Eric Carle and Bill Martin Jr, is a great book for preschoolers.   In using the book it is a great teaching tool for many skills, Colors, sequencing graphing and much more.

The book asks the question What do you see? on the left page and the answer on the right page.  It shows a picture of a animal that is a certain color.  Which leads to other animals and colors.  After a couple of reads the children know which animal is coming next and before long they will be “reading” the book.

Several ways we will use the book in the classroom:

Puppets:  I found the pictures of all the animals here.  You can print either color or black and white.  I chose the black and white version.  I colored the pictrues and laminated them using contact paper.

Materials needed to make lesson:

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Book 

Animal pictures  go here

Colored pencils 

Contact paper

Examples of Animals
Example of pictures

The monkey is not in the book so I did not add it to the lesson.   I clored the pictures the colors of the book.

Colored pictures of animals
Colored pictures of animals

Once the pictures are clored you are ready to start the lesson.  I gave each child a picture as we got to that picture they held it up.  In doing this they not only had to pay attention to what animal they had,they also had to be listening to the story to know when their picture came up.

Another activity we did was having a animal parade . They lined up in the order the animals came up in the book  This got the children up moving around while reinforcing the sequence of the book.  For added fun I let the children make the sound of each animal.

Another activity I did with this book was a graph.  I lined up each animal and asked the children what their favoirte animal was.  I placed their names under the animal of their choice. Once every child had a turn we counted the amount of likes each animal received. I wrote the number under each animal.  We talked about which animal had the most likes and which had the least.  We placed them in the order of likes from most to least.  This gave the children the visual idea of what a graph looked liked and how one worked.

I hope that you try this with your children and let me know how they enjoyed this fun book.  There are many fun ways to use this book.

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2 thoughts on “Brown Bear Brown Bear Activity

  1. Super cute idea!! I ordered my son some Brown Bear Jammies and maybe we will sport them and do this!! We already have the book so we are pretty much ready to go!! He’ll love helping me make the animals!


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