Shark Week in Preschool

Every child seems to like Sharks and there are so many activities that you can do in preschool to have a great time while also learning.  I have complied a few of my favorites that I plan on using during my study of the letter S and Sharks.


Paper plate Shark that I found on  Crafty-crafted   The kids will love making this craft.  We can talk about the letter S in Shark and the colors black, grey and white.

This sensory activity is filled with water beads and of course sharks.

Use those empty water bottles to make these super Sensory Shark Bottle

Kids will love this  Cloths Pin Shark Activity.  They can make the shark “bite”.  I can see lots of fun with this one.  Have to go over rules of how to use it but they will love it.

Shark Name Game helps the preschoolers learn to recognize letters in their names and the order the letters go.  In turn this will help them learn how to spell their name.

Feed the Shark Game can be used for colors or letters.  I am making it to use with letters.  I am writing letters on each fish to be fed to the shark.  They can name the letter before feeding it to the shark.  I can see the kids really liking this game.  My students love games and letters, so I know this will be a great hit in my classroom.


Hope you find some great shark activites to use in your classroom or with your child.

I will be posting some fun books to use that involve sharks soon.  these books have some great activites that go along with them.


2 thoughts on “Shark Week in Preschool

  1. So fun!! My son is a huge shark lover!! He thinks they are all like the sharks on Nemo lol 😉 Im ok with that for now!! Yay for shark week!


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