Earth Day Activities

earthEarth Day is April 27th so we have time to plan a great Earth Day week.  Here are some great activities I found that I plan on using in my classroom and thought you would like to see them as well.

Ways I Can Help the Earth.

way to helpI found this worksheet over at Miss Kindergarten I am going to have my students draw a picture and then I will write what they drew under it.  I you have older children they can either write or draw ways they can help the earth.

Tin Can Drums


What better way to recycle then to save the tin cans and make drums out of them.  I know I use a lot of tin cans, so I am saving them in order to try this activity.  If you have a large classroom you can ask parents to send in one tin can for your child   Head over to Make and Take in order to find out how to make these super cute drums.

Mr. Recycle Man


headMy students love Mr. Potato head so this is such a cute idea, and another tin can project. Remember to plant grass in the top so he can have some hair.  Please head over to Delia Creates to find the detailed instructions.


Bird House

B-is-for-Birdhouse-50-200x300Head over to 3boysandadog to see how she made this adoreable birdfeeder from a Gatorade bottle.

Dirt Pudding


The kids will love this one.  Head over to Teach-A-Roo to see how to make this activity.  With any food activity please make sure there is no allergies to any of the ingredients.

Recycled Planters


Teach-A-Roo also has this cute planter.  There are all kinds of lessons that can be used with this planter.  The recycled part but also planting seeds and watching it grow.  I know my students to plant.  We planted a seed for our creation lesson and they made their parents take pictures to show me how their plant grew.

Handprint Earth


Craftymorning has this cute handprint earth project.  All parents love handprint art and this one is very cute.

Turtle Herb Garden

earth-day-craft-turtle-planterThese Turtle Herb Gardens are so cute.  They can be used for Earth Day or the letter T.

Earth Day Playdough


Happiness is homemade has the recipe for this earth day playdough

Lorax Handprint Activity

lorax-canvas-1We  love Dr. Seuss in our classroom, so OI try to incorporate one of his books in my themes. the Lorax is the perfect book for Earth Day.  Over at Gluedtomycraftsblog she give instructions on how to make this adorable Lorax handprint on canvas.

I hope you find some inspiration in these activites.  If you have some activities you would like to share please leave in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Earth Day Activities

  1. We did the recycled planters last year, my kids loved the activity! Thanks for all of the great ideas, this will be wonderful for our final week of spring break. 🙂


  2. These are so fun!! I love Mr Recycle Man!! We love the Lorax so Im super excited to see that you included him in one of your crafts too!! These are all so great!! I will keep them in mind for all through spring and summer!!


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