Pete the Cat Activities

peteWe love Pete the Cat in my classroom.  I have used Pete to teach many skills to my students.  I have collected several of them I would like to share with you.

pete_the_cat_craft_5You can not do a unit on Pete the Cat without making Pete in his famous white shoe.  I found the pattern at craftymammy.  The kids loved making this craft and they kept singing the song and saying everything was good.



Pete the Cat steps in different things and it changes the colors of his shoes.  In this activity from prekinder it lets the children guess what color the shoes will be in the stepped in certain foods.  It has copies of the food as weel as the colored shoes that it would be.  They get to match shoes to food.  This would be a great center activity or a circle time activity.  I like to do circle activites so they understand what they shold do and then move to centers once I know they understand it.


cause and affect

The groovy teacher has some activities for the older student  who can read or can follow along while you read to them.  This is also a good activity to teach cause and affect.  She also describes how she made promots for the story so they can retell the story.


I Love My White Shoes ImageMemorizing the moments has come up with this very cute pack that goes along with Pete The Cat, I love my White Shoes.

I hope you like the ideas that I have collect and can find something you can use with your student.




4 thoughts on “Pete the Cat Activities

  1. OH we love him too!! Such great lesson plans!! I love that worksheet!! My son and I will have to use it for applying actions to reactions!! SO awesome!!


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