Mother’s Day Gifts from the Heart

Mother’s Day is a holiday that I think is very important.  I am a mother and I know I still have the gifts that my Brookster gave me when she was little.  Those are some of the gifts that looked forward to getting.

We all plan ahead and no better time than now to plan the perfect Mother’s Day gift.  I hope you get inspired.  This can also be made into the perfect gift for Grandmother’s as well.

Handprint Idea’s

DSC07129Food Love and Life has this adorable handprint flower pot.  I love the flower pot aspect of this craft.  I love that they get to say what they love about their mother.  What mother would not love to know this.

handprint boquet I found this on Pinterest here  This is such a  cute bouquet of handprints.




Handprint cupcake craft from I Heart and Craft




I do this craft every year with my kids and the parents love it.  In fact one mother I had several years ago and now have the sibling.  She stated she hoped I would do it again so she would have both of them.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find something that you can use with your child or students.

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12 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gifts from the Heart

  1. That last handprint is a craft I made with my daughter Emmalyn! Thanks for sharing it! So fun to see it all over Pinterest! 🙂


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