End Of the Year Student Gifts

bottleYou can find inexpensive water bottles at the Dollar Tree. and Kool Aid packets are not very expensive.  Just make the tag to say ” Have a “Kool” Summer.  To add something special to it you could get paint pens and write the child’s name on the water bottle.

chalkArtfire has this cute idea using chalk.  She has it for sale but it would be easy to make yourself.

koolThe Crafted Sparrow has this idea using Kool Aid and straws.

summersunawardspin.001.pngThe Elementary Entourage has this cute printable to give students individual awards.  This kids will love getting the individual awards.  The prizes are easily found at the Dollar Tree and I think the kids will love seeing what award you gave them.





owls.jpgPinterest has this really cute idea using owls.


sand pailsSand pails are a fun way to give end of the year gifts.  They are inexpensive and you can put anything in them to make it more personal for each child. This idea came from Teaching with Tertune had this idea.

printable-tag-for-a-jump-ropeOur Thrifty Ideas has several printables  that can be used with the end of year gifts.  I think these would be great to make and put in the sand pails.

blogger-image--488132285Hoot Hoot Hooray has this cute  cup that she put candy in. You will have to be careful of food allergies but what child would not like a cup of candy.




Pinterest has this cute idea.


This idea can easily be changed to say something about the end of year. Like ” You’re one Smart Cookie.  You will do great next year in …..”


I hope you have found some ideas that you can use to celebrate the end of the year with your students.

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