Adored 365 Review

adoredAdored 365 devotions for young women is the perfect Christmas gift for that young women who is wanting to get closer to God.  The new year will be here before you know it and would be a great time to start a new journey.  Each day starts with a verse straight from the Bible and then a short devotional that speaks to the young women of today.  Day one talks about feeling awkward and everyone feels that a some point in their lives.  Then it talks about how God does not think we are awkward and we are made especially by him and he knows our name.  I feel this a great message for anyone but especially young women who are trying to find themselves in this world that sometimes can be cruel.  At the end of each devotional is a place to write your thoughts.

As a mom of a teenager, I find this book very helpful.  It talks about fitting in, bullying, internet and many more issues my daughter has to deal with each and every day.  I am giving it to her for Christmas so she can start the new year with a great book to help her be more closer to God.  I love that it is written in terms that today’s youth can relate to.

Once again if you are looking for a perfect gift for that young women in your life this book would be wonderful.

I am so glad I was given the opportunity to get this book and share my feelings about it with you.

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