God’s Great Love For You- Book Review

god love

I teach at a Christian preschool and I am always looking for new and interesting books to use with my students.  I was given the opportunity to review the book God’s Great Love For You.  The illustrations are very bright and well done.  The colors are bright and the pictures are big.  There are not a lot of illustrations on each page which helps the little ones to keep focus on  what is being read to them.  I read it to my students and they really enjoyed it.  We have read it so much that they are starting to know the words and what comes next.  I love that they liked the book so much that they are telling me when I miss a word in the story.

I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone with children that you are trying to teach how much God loves them.

Valentines Day Activities

Valentines Day is just around the corner and it is a fun time in the classroom.  We get to do lots of fun activities and enjoy the holiday.  We get to talk about people we love and why also we get to make them items that they can keep and love for ever.  I found this cute idea on Pinterest but the link to the actual activity is disabled.  I love the idea and wanted to share it with you all.


What you will need?

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  1. Red Paint
  2. Pink Paint
  3. Brown Paint
  4. Canvas


What you will do


  1. Paint the childs  arm with the brown paint and center on the canvas
  2. Once the paint is dried use the pink and red paint to make the hearts on the tree.  Use red paint to make a thumbprint and then make another thumb print in order to make a heart shape.

Final product will look like this:


What parent would not love a handprint heart tree for a Valentines day present.






End Of the Year Student Gifts

bottleYou can find inexpensive water bottles at the Dollar Tree. and Kool Aid packets are not very expensive.  Just make the tag to say ” Have a “Kool” Summer.  To add something special to it you could get paint pens and write the child’s name on the water bottle.

chalkArtfire has this cute idea using chalk.  She has it for sale but it would be easy to make yourself.

koolThe Crafted Sparrow has this idea using Kool Aid and straws.

summersunawardspin.001.pngThe Elementary Entourage has this cute printable to give students individual awards.  This kids will love getting the individual awards.  The prizes are easily found at the Dollar Tree and I think the kids will love seeing what award you gave them.





owls.jpgPinterest has this really cute idea using owls.


sand pailsSand pails are a fun way to give end of the year gifts.  They are inexpensive and you can put anything in them to make it more personal for each child. This idea came from Teaching with Tertune had this idea.

printable-tag-for-a-jump-ropeOur Thrifty Ideas has several printables  that can be used with the end of year gifts.  I think these would be great to make and put in the sand pails.

blogger-image--488132285Hoot Hoot Hooray has this cute  cup that she put candy in. You will have to be careful of food allergies but what child would not like a cup of candy.




Pinterest has this cute idea.


This idea can easily be changed to say something about the end of year. Like ” You’re one Smart Cookie.  You will do great next year in …..”


I hope you have found some ideas that you can use to celebrate the end of the year with your students.

Indoor Gross Motor Preschool lessons

It is April and you all know the popular saying “April Showers bring May Flowers” We get a lot of rain here in Tennessee in April.  That does not mean the kids do not need to play and get some of that energy out.  I have been looking for some fun activities we can do inside where the kids will have some fun and learn at the same time.   I hope that you find these fun and exciting for your children and students also.



Still Playing School has the cool Uno Movement Game.   In the game you will take a deck of Uno card and assign each color a movement. For example Red-Jump the number on the card is how many times they will jump.  This will be a perfect activity to do when they just need to get some wiggles out before doing a sit down lesson


Momsinspired has a great activity involving flowers and butterflies. My idea to change it up a bit.  Lay the flowers on the floor and have the child hold the butterfly and fly the number of spaces that they roll on the dice.  This will involve movement as well as learning numbers and counting.


Princesspinkygirls has come up with a indoor ball toss.  You can get the baskets at the dollar store and the balls could be pingball balls.  The kids will enjoy trying to get the balls in to the baskets.  You can change it up by putting numbers that you are trying to teach and have them name the number they get the ball into.

Preschool-Circus-Games-Paper-Plate-Ring-TossFrom ABC to ACT’s has come up with this great paper plate ring toss game.  It is easy to make and the rings can be used to teach colors.  Each ring will be a different color so when they start to toss the ring they can state the color.

I hope you enjoy these  activites.  The children can learn while having a fun time.  In fact I try to make sure that all my children are having fun during the learning process.  Children learn better when they are having fun.