God’s Great Love For You- Book Review

god love

I teach at a Christian preschool and I am always looking for new and interesting books to use with my students.  I was given the opportunity to review the book God’s Great Love For You.  The illustrations are very bright and well done.  The colors are bright and the pictures are big.  There are not a lot of illustrations on each page which helps the little ones to keep focus on  what is being read to them.  I read it to my students and they really enjoyed it.  We have read it so much that they are starting to know the words and what comes next.  I love that they liked the book so much that they are telling me when I miss a word in the story.

I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone with children that you are trying to teach how much God loves them.

Valentines Day Activities

Valentines Day is just around the corner and it is a fun time in the classroom.  We get to do lots of fun activities and enjoy the holiday.  We get to talk about people we love and why also we get to make them items that they can keep and love for ever.  I found this cute idea on Pinterest but the link to the actual activity is disabled.  I love the idea and wanted to share it with you all.


What you will need?

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  1. Red Paint
  2. Pink Paint
  3. Brown Paint
  4. Canvas


What you will do


  1. Paint the childs  arm with the brown paint and center on the canvas
  2. Once the paint is dried use the pink and red paint to make the hearts on the tree.  Use red paint to make a thumbprint and then make another thumb print in order to make a heart shape.

Final product will look like this:


What parent would not love a handprint heart tree for a Valentines day present.






“W” Activity for Preschoolers

Our Letter of the week this week is “W”, so we made a Watermelon.



Materials Needed:

Print the letter W off on Red and Green construction paper

W activity 1

Then layer the W’s  with the red W on top of the Green W with some of the green showing to be the rine of the watermelon.


Then allow the students to paint the “seeds” on the watermelon using their fingers.


Once the seeds are painted on the finial project looks like this;


The kids loved painting and  it was a very simple project to complete.  I have younger children so I always do fingerpainting projects one on one.  This gives me a chance to talk about the letter.  What is looks like, things that start with the letter and the sound that it makes.


Parents love anything that has their child’s fingerprints, so this was also a hit with the parents as well.  I hope you enjoy this activity with your students.


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End Of the Year Student Gifts

bottleYou can find inexpensive water bottles at the Dollar Tree. and Kool Aid packets are not very expensive.  Just make the tag to say ” Have a “Kool” Summer.  To add something special to it you could get paint pens and write the child’s name on the water bottle.

chalkArtfire has this cute idea using chalk.  She has it for sale but it would be easy to make yourself.

koolThe Crafted Sparrow has this idea using Kool Aid and straws.

summersunawardspin.001.pngThe Elementary Entourage has this cute printable to give students individual awards.  This kids will love getting the individual awards.  The prizes are easily found at the Dollar Tree and I think the kids will love seeing what award you gave them.





owls.jpgPinterest has this really cute idea using owls.


sand pailsSand pails are a fun way to give end of the year gifts.  They are inexpensive and you can put anything in them to make it more personal for each child. This idea came from Teaching with Tertune had this idea.

printable-tag-for-a-jump-ropeOur Thrifty Ideas has several printables  that can be used with the end of year gifts.  I think these would be great to make and put in the sand pails.

blogger-image--488132285Hoot Hoot Hooray has this cute  cup that she put candy in. You will have to be careful of food allergies but what child would not like a cup of candy.




Pinterest has this cute idea.


This idea can easily be changed to say something about the end of year. Like ” You’re one Smart Cookie.  You will do great next year in …..”


I hope you have found some ideas that you can use to celebrate the end of the year with your students.

Earth Day Activities

earthEarth Day is April 27th so we have time to plan a great Earth Day week.  Here are some great activities I found that I plan on using in my classroom and thought you would like to see them as well.

Ways I Can Help the Earth.

way to helpI found this worksheet over at Miss Kindergarten I am going to have my students draw a picture and then I will write what they drew under it.  I you have older children they can either write or draw ways they can help the earth.

Tin Can Drums


What better way to recycle then to save the tin cans and make drums out of them.  I know I use a lot of tin cans, so I am saving them in order to try this activity.  If you have a large classroom you can ask parents to send in one tin can for your child   Head over to Make and Take in order to find out how to make these super cute drums.

Mr. Recycle Man


headMy students love Mr. Potato head so this is such a cute idea, and another tin can project. Remember to plant grass in the top so he can have some hair.  Please head over to Delia Creates to find the detailed instructions.


Bird House

B-is-for-Birdhouse-50-200x300Head over to 3boysandadog to see how she made this adoreable birdfeeder from a Gatorade bottle.

Dirt Pudding


The kids will love this one.  Head over to Teach-A-Roo to see how to make this activity.  With any food activity please make sure there is no allergies to any of the ingredients.

Recycled Planters


Teach-A-Roo also has this cute planter.  There are all kinds of lessons that can be used with this planter.  The recycled part but also planting seeds and watching it grow.  I know my students to plant.  We planted a seed for our creation lesson and they made their parents take pictures to show me how their plant grew.

Handprint Earth


Craftymorning has this cute handprint earth project.  All parents love handprint art and this one is very cute.

Turtle Herb Garden

earth-day-craft-turtle-planterThese Turtle Herb Gardens are so cute.  They can be used for Earth Day or the letter T.

Earth Day Playdough


Happiness is homemade has the recipe for this earth day playdough

Lorax Handprint Activity

lorax-canvas-1We  love Dr. Seuss in our classroom, so OI try to incorporate one of his books in my themes. the Lorax is the perfect book for Earth Day.  Over at Gluedtomycraftsblog she give instructions on how to make this adorable Lorax handprint on canvas.

I hope you find some inspiration in these activites.  If you have some activities you would like to share please leave in the comments.

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Shark Week in Preschool

Every child seems to like Sharks and there are so many activities that you can do in preschool to have a great time while also learning.  I have complied a few of my favorites that I plan on using during my study of the letter S and Sharks.


Paper plate Shark that I found on  Crafty-crafted   The kids will love making this craft.  We can talk about the letter S in Shark and the colors black, grey and white.

This sensory activity is filled with water beads and of course sharks.

Use those empty water bottles to make these super Sensory Shark Bottle

Kids will love this  Cloths Pin Shark Activity.  They can make the shark “bite”.  I can see lots of fun with this one.  Have to go over rules of how to use it but they will love it.

Shark Name Game helps the preschoolers learn to recognize letters in their names and the order the letters go.  In turn this will help them learn how to spell their name.

Feed the Shark Game can be used for colors or letters.  I am making it to use with letters.  I am writing letters on each fish to be fed to the shark.  They can name the letter before feeding it to the shark.  I can see the kids really liking this game.  My students love games and letters, so I know this will be a great hit in my classroom.


Hope you find some great shark activites to use in your classroom or with your child.

I will be posting some fun books to use that involve sharks soon.  these books have some great activites that go along with them.


Brown Bear Brown Bear Activity

brown bear

Brown Bear Brown Bear by Eric Carle and Bill Martin Jr, is a great book for preschoolers.   In using the book it is a great teaching tool for many skills, Colors, sequencing graphing and much more.

The book asks the question What do you see? on the left page and the answer on the right page.  It shows a picture of a animal that is a certain color.  Which leads to other animals and colors.  After a couple of reads the children know which animal is coming next and before long they will be “reading” the book.

Several ways we will use the book in the classroom:

Puppets:  I found the pictures of all the animals here.  You can print either color or black and white.  I chose the black and white version.  I colored the pictrues and laminated them using contact paper.

Materials needed to make lesson:

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Book 

Animal pictures  go here

Colored pencils 

Contact paper

Examples of Animals
Example of pictures

The monkey is not in the book so I did not add it to the lesson.   I clored the pictures the colors of the book.

Colored pictures of animals
Colored pictures of animals

Once the pictures are clored you are ready to start the lesson.  I gave each child a picture as we got to that picture they held it up.  In doing this they not only had to pay attention to what animal they had,they also had to be listening to the story to know when their picture came up.

Another activity we did was having a animal parade . They lined up in the order the animals came up in the book  This got the children up moving around while reinforcing the sequence of the book.  For added fun I let the children make the sound of each animal.

Another activity I did with this book was a graph.  I lined up each animal and asked the children what their favoirte animal was.  I placed their names under the animal of their choice. Once every child had a turn we counted the amount of likes each animal received. I wrote the number under each animal.  We talked about which animal had the most likes and which had the least.  We placed them in the order of likes from most to least.  This gave the children the visual idea of what a graph looked liked and how one worked.

I hope that you try this with your children and let me know how they enjoyed this fun book.  There are many fun ways to use this book.

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One Fish, Two Fish Activity

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